Adam Ellis asRichard”. 


the fact that geoff can say “achievement hunter, pause” and everyone will drop what they’re doing without question

or that rtx to get everyone together for their stuff he yells “to me, achievement hunter”

these are very important things

Track Title: Make Love

Artist: Daft Punk

Album: Human After All


Make Love - Daft Punk

Why am I hearing that our banners aren’t on your battle field, Richard (x)

Track Title: Pyrrha's Laugh


RWBY Volume 2 Chapter 5 - Pyrrha’s Laugh

I need this

I was just thinking about how sad I was that weren’t wasn’t a how to video from joel and adam today and then I go to the roosterteeth channel and there is one after all and they’re playing hohokum. I was literally just thinking about that game last night and listening to the music from it. Now I’m so fucking happy. :D